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Leaders should print out the following documents for each event.
Click the links to display and print the documents.

  1. Leader Checklist - IMPORTANT - This is a list of things to do before, during and after an event.
  2. Sign-in Sheet - This waiver must be signed by all participants and then mailed with a check for the participant fees to the Mosaic address on the sheet.
  3. Mosaic Announcement - Please read this announcement at your events, either at the beginning or during a break.
  4. Membership Application - Please have a few on hand to give to people who want to join or renew their memberships.
  5. Mosaic Sign - Please have a "Mosaic" sign to help people find you at the meeting place. This is a regular 8x10 page. You can hang it or hold it or ask someone to hold it.

Additional forms you may need:

  1. Incident form - Print this if any problems or injuries occur on your event and mail it to Mosaic with the sign-in sheets.
  2. Parental Release form - Print this if any minors are attending your event. Ask the parent to complete it and mail it to Mosaic with the sign-in sheets.
  3.    Expense Report - Submit expenses for reimbursement.